Aleksandr Chernykh, Tatiana Belash, Viktor Tsyganovkin, Anton Kovalevskiy


Introduction: Part of the territory of Russia is located in a seismically dangerous area. In recent years, glued laminated wood has been gaining popularity in private housing construction as well as other construction sectors. However, Russian standards lack design and structural requirements for buildings and structures made of glued laminated wood. Methods: The paper reviews the foreign experience in construction with the use of glued laminated wood and presents seismic design for a multi-story building made of wood and materials based on it. Results: We considered the seismic design of a multi-story timber building and reviewed foreign experience in the construction of buildings made of glued laminated wood. Besides, we analyzed how the choice of the material for individual load-bearing structures affects seismic resistance.


glued laminated wood, seismic resistance, earthquakes, multi-story buildings.

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