Irshat Mukharryamov, Gleb Averchenko


Introduction: Predicting possible and arising defects in pavement layers made of new construction materials is an important task in the operation of any transport infrastructure facility. Purpose of the study: The study is aimed at performing a literature review, regulatory and practical analysis of the road pavement structure operation, and analysis of the operation of cement-containing pavement layers. The obtained results will be applied to pavements made with the use of nepheline sludge in order to derive a general equation that will reveal insights into a model for the prediction of the structure service life depending on various factors. Methods: The methodological framework of this study is information on the theory and practice of predicting the service life of cement-containing pavement layers. The study is based on the existing and applicable equations of mathematical models. Results: We analyze the operation of pavement structures with respect to defects (macro and micro defects) formation as well as factors affecting the structure service life. Dependence of the strain capacity on the modulus of elasticity of sludge ground and the bending strength as well as dependence of the self-hardening coefficient on the structure service life are shown; factors affecting the structural durability are noted. An overview of the equation for the specific strain energy of structural bonds in a composite material is presented. We also derive a generalized equation of the service life of a structure taking into account a number of factors and set a task solved at the development of models that are the closest to real conditions.


Nepheline sludge, prediction of the structure service life, road pavement, structural durability, self-healing, self-compaction, micro-cracks, slow strength gain.

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