Jurij Kotikov


Introduction: Mastering of the methods of energy extraction from the physical vacuum and their implementation in engineering will change the motion mechanics and the pattern of using lift-and-transport machinery if those are equipped with quantum engines (QEs). Purpose of the study: The study is aimed to develop a conceptual foundation and a working hypothesis for the operation of quantum quarrying lift-and-transport machinery (QQLTM). Problem statement: The paper addresses challenges of rock transportation from the pit bottom to the upper levels. Methods: The thrust vector is decomposed into orthogonal components. A QQLTM force balance and motion equation is derived. Typical modes of QQLTM operation are determined. Calculations as well as graphical-and-analytical studies are performed. Results: The paper presents the results of calculations regarding time and energy consumption required for rock transportation, describing the motion of loaded QQLTM during rock transportation from the pit bottom to the transfer station and the upper level of a quarry. Discussion: The existing groups of motor and railway vehicles as well as lift-and-transport machinery can be substituted by groups of transport machines with QEs — QQLTM. This will allow for the significant improvement of quarrying technology, implementation of continuous cargo transportation without transshipment, reduction of energy consumption as well as material expenditures and labor efforts.


Quantum engine, quantum thrust, quantomobile, quantum quarrying lift-and-transport machinery, force balance, quarrying.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23968/2500-0055-2020-5-2-46-56


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