Jurij Kotikov


Introduction: As we approach introduction of quantum engines (QE) into the transportation industry, it will be useful to analyze properties of a hypothetical automobile with a QE (quantomobile). The purpose of the study is to conduct a calculation analysis of the quantomobile force balance and options of its motion in the pitch plane. Methods: Assuming that it is possible for a quantum engine to generate the vertical component of the thrust vector (of anti-gravity orientation), a two-dimensional approach to analyze the quantomobile force balance is used. A generalized force balance equation for all quantomobile motion modes in the longitudinal pitch plane is derived. Five typical motion modes are identified. The graphic images provided represent a part of the combination of analytical actions intended to record and comprehend the distinctive end points and curves. Results: The numerical examples based on the mentioned force balance equation allowed us to construe the quantomobile motion modes in the pitch plane, as well as obtain a picture of uniform course motion of the quantomobile. Discussion. The analysis revealed that it was possible to minimize the thrust for maintaining constant speed under the middle degree of vehicle suspension. The derived force balance equation that matches the 2D option of quantomobile motion in the pitch plane can be expanded to the 3D option of vehicle motion. This will make it possible to assess the dynamics and energetics of quantomobile motion in a three-dimensional space in more detail, as well as compare such vehicles with other vehicles operating in this space, e.g. planes, helicopters, etc.


Automobile, quantum engine, quantum thrust, quantomobile, pitch plane, force balance.

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