Functionality of Saint Petersburg Historic Groups of Buildings for Arrangement of Business Tourism Events

Alexandra Perova


The paper demonstrates that the fractional infrastructure of establishments has been developed within Saint Petersburg to-date suitable for arrangement of business tourism events and capable of servicing each of three business tourists main groups (state, corporate / associate and individual levels). It differs from many other European congress cities with intensive use of historic and adapted buildings. The paper reviews existing historic buildings of Saint Petersburg built in the 18th–19th centuries with the point of possible use in terms of business tourism events arrangement. The structure of such buildings’ main premises was reviewed for the purpose of their intended use for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, etc. It is shown that the existing potential of historic buildings and groups of buildings is considerably actual; there are prospects of their use as well as limitations of such possibilities.


Saint Petersburg architecture; business tourism establishments; historic buildings and groups of buildings; functional zoning; congress and exhibition activities

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