Ivan Sheremetov, Igor Lagunin


The Kremlin is considered to be the first stage of evolution of the urban settlement in the period of strengthening of the Russian centralized state. Five main functions of the kremlin were identified. By now, some functions of Kremlins have been transformed or replaced as a result of turning them into museums.

At the kremlin, the focus is harmoniously shifting from one function to another. The kremlin ensemble evolves with the urban settlement. Formation and development of Kremlins is a phenomenon of the world heritage, a starting point of unique Russian city formation. In order to introduce the concept of the “Russian Kremlin” as a phenomenon to the world community, its basic attributes and key definitions were determined. The current role of preserved kremlin complexes in municipal structures was estimated.


Russian Kremlin, outstanding universal value, world heritage, evolution of the urban settlement

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23968/2500-0055-2016-1-4-18-25


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