Anastasiya Lukina, Mikhail Lisyatnikov, Vladislav Martinov, Olga Kunitskya, Aleksandr Chernykh, Svetlana Roschina


Introduction: Today, the need for the neutralization of the environmental, economic, social, and other consequences of natural emergencies is becoming more and more urgent. One of such devastating disasters is forest fires, which are currently very widespread in the world. In most cases, after a fire, we are left with a forest that was partially exposed to fire. A burnt tree loses its immunity. As a result, an outbreak of various subcortical insect species, which infect healthy trees as well, occurs in these territories. Such a forest is subjected to sanitary cutting. Purpose of the study: We aimed to determine the residual mechanical properties of raw wood to be used as a structural material. Methods: In the course of the study, we used destructive and non-destructive testing methods in respect of the mechanical properties of the material. Results: It was established that changes in the microstructure of wood correlate with its strength properties. The maximum decrease in the strength properties of wood was observed at the top end of the tree and amounted to 22.7% as compared to the reference wood. The minimum decrease in the strength properties of post-fire wood was observed in the butt end of the tree and amounted up to 15.0%. In the middle part, a decrease in the strength properties of wood was up to 24.0%.


Wood, fire, strength, microstructure, building structures.

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