Dmitriy Zhivotov, Yurii Tilinin


Introduction: In this paper, we consider LVL (laminated veneer lumber with unidirectional veneer) as an element of plane trusses and geodesic domes, acting as the bearing structure of roofs, and study destruction of LVL joints, which is necessary to improve designs of wooden roofs under consideration. Methods: Our studies were based on structural mechanics and wood science. In the course of the study, we used analytical, experimental, and statistical methods to process the results of tests. Results: Based on the experimental studies performed, we suggest a method to determine the design bearing capacity of treenails per edge joint (conventional shear) for joints of LVL elements with wood laminate (DSP-V, wood laminate where veneer fibers in the adjacent layers are mutually perpendicular) plates. Discussion: We obtained new values of the coefficient taking into account the compliance of connections for nodes and joints in LVL composite elements, which make it possible to quickly determine the required cross-sections of bearing rod elements in plane trusses.


Сonstruction, wooden roofs, LVL, new nodal joints, laboratory tests, elements of plane trusses, geodesic dome, joints of wooden elements, bearing capacity, treenail.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23968/2500-0055-2022-7-2-96-105


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