History of Holy Trinity Church in Pyataya Gora homestead of Tsarskoselsky County and choice of method of its restoration

Nadezhda Akulova, Yekaterina Voznyak, Yulia Ardasheva


This research covers Holy Trinity Church, a monument of church architecture located in Pyataya Gora homestead of the Tsarskoselsky County, today’s Volosovsky district of the Leningrad region. All materials obtained during the study are divided into three parts: introduction, conclusion and the main research part, which, in its turn, includes a brief history of the estate of O. K. Briskorn Pyataya Gora and Holy Trinity Church divided into development periods, analysis of the municipal territory in the framework of the subject topic, as well as options of design proposals for the renovation of the territory. The history of the temple is conventionally divided into three periods: period of 1830-1897 (construction and operation of the temple), period of 1897-1933 (abolition of the township and overhauling), period of 1930-2016 (destruction and registration as the cultural heritage site). Description of the temple and its territory were made on the basis of the preserved archival document “Statement of Inventory... prepared by priest Ioannes Shkorbatov”, the archives of the Trinity Church in Pyataya Gora homestead and the studied “Inventory of the church property” dated May 1829, as well as measurement drawings of the SPSUACE students performed in 2015.

A variant of renovation of the area around the church to promote and revive the area of the Pyataya Gora estate is suggested at the end of the study.


Pyataya Gora homestead, rotunda church, the Tsarskoselsky County, restoration, classic architecture, column order

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23968/2500-0055-2016-1-3-3-13


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