Antonina Yudina, Yana Kukushkina


Introduction: Artificial islands for new construction and works in a dry environment are created in water areas by installing enclosures, which allow buildings to remain rigid and stable and withstand the influence of climatic factors. Purpose of the study: We aim to develop a method for the construction of low-rise buildings in the coastland and water areas with the least labor effort required to erect buildings and ensure their safe operation. Methods: In the course of the research, we have performed theoretical studies in the field of experimental construction and analyzed the results of Russian and foreign scientific research related to the construction of buildings in water areas. Results: We have examined methods for the construction of waterproof enclosures in water areas that make it possible to erect buildings in a dry environment in open water areas with unstable wave conditions. Such methods reduce labor efforts, decrease the term of construction, and improve performance indicators.


Water area, waterproof enclosures, cofferdam, pontoon platforms, pier foundations, coastland, telescopic piles.

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