Jurij Kotikov


Introduction: The progress of science has made it possible to create new quantum engines (QEs) powered by physical vacuum energy. A QE will generate a vector-based propulsive force, or thrust, applicable to the vehicle body directly, with no transmission required. Traditional cars will be upgraded with QEs and thus converted into quantomobiles. QE thrust application at the point of the vehicle body, hovering above the bearing surface, introduces changes in the traditional diagram of forces acting on the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the influence of thrust on the longitudinal stability of the quantomobile. Methods: In the course of the study, we upgraded the diagram of forces acting on the traditional vehicle, by introducing QE thrust (bearing in mind vehicle hovering above the bearing surface). We also developed a corresponding mathematical model for the distribution of the normal reactions on the wheels, taking into account QE placement. Results: Among the developed calculation complexes to perform a qualitative analysis of the influence of force factors on the quantomobile chassis load, a complex representing the longitudinal thrust and the thrust height was distinguished. Discussion: These complexes may serve as the basis of calculation units for more detailed programming, analysis, and synthesis of the design of vehicles with QEs, assessment of the longitudinal stability of the vehicle, optimization of QE placement in the quantomobile body. Example: The method developed is presented using a quantomobile similar to a KamAZ-4326 automobile. Conclusion: The considered diagram of forces acting on a quantomobile, including QE thrust above the bearing surface, shall become generic for force diagrams of quantomobiles with additional thrusters intended to increase the longitudinal stability of the vehicle.


Quantum engine, quantomobile, force balance, wheel normal reactions, longitudinal stability.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23968/2500-0055-2021-6-4-72-79


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