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Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPSUACE) is the oldest Russian institution of higher technical education, which is involved in training of professionals in the area of architecture and construction. Its history is bound up with the history of architecture and urban development of Russia and particularly Saint Petersburg.

The University was found on 27 April 1832 by the order of Emperor Nicholas I as School of Civil Engineers (1832–1842) at General Directorate of Communication Routes and Public Facilities. On 10 December 1882, Emperor Alexander III renamed the School into Institute of Civil Engineers (1882–1924). At the turn of XXth century, the Institute of Civil Engineers became the largest architectural and engineering institution of higher education in Russia and recognised centre of engineering research and construction science. The works of the graduates of the Institute of Civil Engineers had a significant impact on architectural look of Saint Petersburg at the turn of XXth century, as well as Moscow and many other Russian cities.

Before the World War II the graduates of the Institute were involved in the development of general lay-outs of Moscow and Leningrad. During the war, the architects addressed the issues of screening of Leningrad, its defence facilities and historical and architectural landmarks. None of the monuments were destroyed during 900 days of the siege. After the war, the Institute graduates participated in restoration of Leningrad, other destroyed cities and industrial facilities all over the country.

Today SPSUACE is a large scientific and training centre, the only institution of higher education in the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation where the comprehensive training of the specialists in the area of civil engineering, architecture, transport, engineering and environmental systems is performed. SPSUACE has developed long-standing pedagogical traditions and constantly renovates its teaching techniques, scope and methods of research.

“Architecture and Engineering” journal was founded by SPSUACE in 2015 and registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Certificate of mass medium registration Эл № ФС77-62584 was issued on 27 July 2015.

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