Tigran Dadayan

Head of the Department, Professor, Dr. of Engineering

Dadayan is the chief designer of about 40 buildings and constructions designed both for the RA and several foreign countries, including the church under construction in Arabkir District, the church complex built in the Kingdom of Jordan, the library in Ejmiatsin, a new metal structure of Nairit plant on the site of the damaged building, etc.

He is the head of scientific theme 11-2a395 “Development of a method of calculation of buildings and structures with the account of their real deformability” and the head of a theoretical study of three-layer non-bearing sound and heat insulation panels, experimentally produced by NPF OAO “Kanazit” and intended for mass production by OAO “Future House”, as well as proposals for structural solutions for possible use of these panels in the construction industry. He also headed a research on the features of calculation and design of reinforced concrete structures with spiral transverse reinforcement and possible use of these structures in the RA.

Participant in congresses and conferences organized both in the RA and foreign countries.