Sergey Sementsov

Head Department of Architectural and Urban Planning Heritage, Professor.

Participant of more than 210 scientific international and Russian conferences, symposia, congresses, organizer of more than 18 international city-planning, historical-town-planning and historical-architectural exhibitions participation in the anniversary session of the RAACS, April 18-19, 2012, Moscow, RAACS, MGSU. Advisor to the RAACSN, ​​Member of the Board of the St. Petersburg Union of Architects, Advisor to the RAACS.

Sergey Sementsov has more than 300 published scientific papers.

Scientific interests:

  • history of urban planning and architecture;
  • the history of the creation of master plans, the development of urban planning and architectural legislation, the formation of a system of management of urban planning processes in St. Petersburg in the XVIII-XXI centuries;
  • research in the field of historical and modern regulation of urban planning activities (territorial regulations and modes of activity, restrictions);
  • protection of historical and cultural heritage;
  • archival research urban planning and architectural activities;
  • history of development of territories in the Middle Ages;
  • historical geography;
  • history of Russian, Swedish, German, Dutch cartography;
  • modern town planning activity;
  • the study of ancient Russian chronicles and other medieval sources.