Paola Puma

Carries out teaching and research in:

  • the Bachelors degree of Architecture and the Master degree of Architecture at the School of Architecture - University of Florence;
  • the Master degree of Primary Teacher Education at the School of Humanities and Education - University of Florence;
  • the PhD School in "Survey and representation of the built environment” - University of Florence.

In the same faculties she works to support teaching and management as a member of the Board, the College of Teachers, Theses coordinator.

She has authored numerous publications (books, papers, scientific multimedia).

She participated since 1994 in national research Miur-Prin projects; is leader of research groups for projects funded by public and private entities.

She is responsible for international scientific collaboration between the Faculty of Architecture of Florence and:

- Architectura y Urbanismo Facultad de Caracas, Universidad Central de Venezuela, 2008-2013;

-Tbilisi State Academy of Art, 2010-;

- Zhejiang Sci Tech University, 2012-.

- National University Of Architecture And Construction, Armenia, 2015-;

- VSB Technical University of Ostrava, Czeck Republic, 2015-.