Josef Eberhardsteiner

J. Eberhardsteiner is Vice-Rector for for Infrastructure, Vienna University of Technology since 2015.

He is responsible for numerous long-term research projects in the field of material modeling and structural analysis, including finite-element analysis of reinforced concrete structures using different threeaxial constitutive models; hybrid BE-FE-simulations of the excavation of tunnels and tunnel junctions; experimental investigation of the material behavior of biaxial loaded solid timber; fixation of spatial states of deformation in polymers by means of X-radiation; development of the linear-friction-tester for experimental determination of the friction behavior of rubber; numerical simulation of frictional contact behavior of automobile tires; experimental investigation of the mechanical behavior of biological tissues, tendons and bio-absorbable fixation techniques; characterization of the microstructure of building materials; multi-scale modeling of wood using continuum micromechanics (experimental and numerical study).

Ha has over 380 publications (more than one third of those are in peer-reviewed journals).