Vadim Aleynik, Sergey Repin, Constantine Rulis


In this paper, issues of the Coriolis force impact on the operation of the tower crane swing mechanism during the starting period under combination of working motions (boom swing and outreach increase) are considered. Quantitative dependencies of the parameters characterizing the mechanism starting mode on the velocity of load trolley travel along the boom and wind load are provided. Diagrams of these dependencies conveniently illustrate a noticeable decrease in the crane output upon adverse combination of factors related to the occurring Coriolis acceleration. More specifically, if the perpendicularly directed heavy wind load influences the boom in case of combination of working motions of the boom swing and outreach change, the starting time constituting the most part of the operating time of the swing mechanism can increase by 20 and more percent. The corresponding methodology of the calculation investigation is also stated in the paper.


swing mechanism calculation, crane mechanism calculation, combination of working motions of the crane, coriolis acceleration, coriolis force

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