Elena Kurakina, Sergei Evtiukov, Grigory Ginzburg


Introduction: To study road infrastructure and ensure control over its changes during its use, it is required to introduce a concept of indicator, which is a parameter or characteristic of road infrastructure facilities’ state. Studies on road infrastructure indicators are aimed at traffic safety increase, improvement of a system for road accident forecasting. The authors apply a system for the accounting of road infrastructure facilities’ characteristics, set during the design and construction of roads, to forecast road accidents. Purpose of the study: The authors develop an approach to studying the influence of systemic indicators of road infrastructure at accident clusters on traffic safety. Methods: During the study, such methods as system analysis, extrapolation method, method of forecasting with account for seasonality, and method of repetition were used. Results: The authors analyzed statistical data on the road accident rate and identified significant systemic indicators of road infrastructure to assess the efficiency of road and construction measures aimed at traffic safety assurance. They formed groups of indicators in the system of their parametric characteristics and determined conditions of their use to study systemic indicators of road infrastructure. They also determined the capabilities of methods used to forecast the road accident rate to develop an algorithm to analyze road infrastructure at accident clusters. The authors also developed such an algorithm to analyze road infrastructure at accident clusters.


Road, indicator, road surface, vehicle, road accident, accident cluster

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