Jurij Kotikov


Introduction: The possibility of energy extraction from the physical vacuum, uncovered in case of potential mastering of the foundations of the theory of Superunification suggested by Leonov, will change the motion mechanics and the pattern of using lift-and-transport machinery if that is equipped with quantum engines (QEs). Purpose of the study: The purpose of the study is to develop a conceptual foundation and a working hypothesis for the operation of unified lift-and-transport machinery with quantum thrust – UQLTM. Methods: The thrust vector is decomposed into orthogonal components. A generalized force balance equation and its modifications are used. Typical modes of QLTM motion are identified. 3D modeling of force balance with velocity sweeping is carried out. 3D models of force balance are developed using Maple software. Images of surfaces with regard to wind resistance and thrust vector dynamics are built. Calculations as well as graphical-and-analytical studies are performed. Results: The paper presents results of calculations with visualization using an example of container transportation from a consolidated terminal to the hold of a container ship with the use of QLTM. Discussion: Existing lift-and-transport machines can be replaced by transport machines equipped with QEs (QLTM), and thus it will be possible to make the area of traditional lift-and-transport machinery movement available. Lifting machines can also be replaced by QLTM. Moreover, several types of lift-andtransport machines as well as transport machines used at warehouses to handle cargo can be replaced by unified QLTM (UQLTM) providing continuous transportation of cargo (without any transshipment using different types of vehicles).


Quantum engine, quantum thrust, quantum lift-and-transport machinery, force balance.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23968/2500-0055-2019-4-4-51-57


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