A Comparative Study of Waterfront Use as Ecosystem Services in Saint-Petersburg and Osaka

Ikujiro Wakai


Based on the concept of ecosystem services, this study aimed to clarify a direction for the use of precious waterfronts remaining in congested large modern cities. Rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg, Russia and Osaka, Japan were selected as the study subjects. The actual status of waterfront use in both cities was examined through qualitative analyses from the viewpoint of ecosystem services. As a result, it was revealed that there were differences between the two cities in their use of waterfronts, and that the creation of waterfronts with high environmental value based on the consideration of ecosystem services has a positive effect on tourism, land price, and health.


use of waterfronts; ecosystem services; Saint Petersburg; Osaka; rivers; canals

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URL: http://www.millenniumassessment.org/en/about.slideshow.aspx

DOI: https://doi.org/10.23968/2500-0055-2016-1-1-71-78


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